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We pride ourselves on being a community-driven organization. At this early stage, we're offering opportunities for visual artists on a volunteer basis. (We believe strongly in giving full credit for all art used, ensuring that artists receive the recognition they deserve for their work). That said, we aim for this platform to foster connections between artists and musicians, which can often lead to paid gigs and collaborations down the line. As we continue to grow and secure sponsorships from local businesses and donations from the community supporters, we're looking to allocate a monthly budget to compensate our visual artists fairly. We're committed to not only valuing your art but also making sure it's recognized as an integral part of our collaborative community.

Meet Kris, the heart and soul behind Mymentalpalette, a platform where art intersects with mental health advocacy. Kris's journey is one of transformation and expression, evolving from a reserved and imaginative child to a bold artist and entrepreneur. Their path has been shaped by personal experiences with therapy and medication management, leading to a profound discovery of art therapy's healing power.

Kris's art speaks volumes beyond words, offering a visual language that expresses and supports emotions and thoughts uniquely. Their work, ranging from abstract swirls to textured blooms, is a bold celebration of their inner journey and a beacon for others on similar paths.

Beyond their own website, Kris connects with the community through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads, sharing not just art but also the stories and resources that have helped along the way.

Explore Kris’s journey and vibrant creations at, where every piece is a step towards understanding, healing, and embracing the neurodiverse beauty of the human mind.

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