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Lazarus Pearl

Lazarus Pearl is a Eugene-based singer-songwriter, producer, and drag king. Their music is a heady cocktail of folk, punk, and dream pop. Lazarus's songs range in topics from religion to sexuality to the surveillance state, with pop hooks and sticky melodies. Their soulful vibrato, in turns both rough and delicate, rides on
chunky mandolin riffs that can cut through the din of a busy street.

Raised in a Catholic family, Lazarus began their songwriting journey at 14, penning hymns following a mystical experience. Later they attempted to join a convent, but were rejected for being queer. Life goes on, however, and Lazarus kept writing, eventually moving to and falling in love with the city of Eugene. They started playing shows and performing in drag. Today, Lazarus loves busking, sequins, their community, and themself, finally. Their first studio EP, The
Kingdom of God is a Whitewashed Tomb, released to streaming 10/7.


Maya Vagner

Israeli-born singer/songwriter Maya Vagner began her musical journey at a young age. With a life deeply entwined with music, she danced and sang as a toddler, participated in choirs from 10-18, and formed her first band, Plastic Guns, at 13. Her passion for community and collaboration has always been at the heart of her music. At 22, she took her sound from her notes app to the studio, resulting in the release of her 2021 track "Orchid" alongside Geoffrey Mays. Today, Maya continues her musical journey, using her art to share her unique outlook on life and inspire listeners worldwide.

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